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Full Length Simulated Practice Tests

Our simulated practice tests are designed to give you a feel of the actual test environment of the SPHR/PHR certification exam.

These tests:

  • Are designed by certified HRCI experts
  • Comprise all the features of a full length SPHR/PHR certification exam
  • Help you identify weak areas for further focused study

Some of the features of our simulated practice tests:

  • While taking the tests :
    • You will select one answer from the four options available.
    • Previous Question button allows you to navigate to the previous question.
    •  Next Question button allows you to navigate to the next question.
    • Mark for Review checkbox allows you to mark an answer for later review.
    • View All Answers button allows you to view all your answers, and also navigate to answers marked for review.
    • Evaluation of answers after the test: Evaluate Your Answers button, which is at the bottom of View All Answers Page, allows you to evaluate your answers.
    • Scores are provided under three heads :
      1. Overall Test Scores: This score gives the number of correct answers for the test as a whole.
      2. Knowledge Area Test Scores: This score gives the number of correct answers knowledge area-wise, thus indicating the weak areas requiring further focused study.
      3. Score For Each Answer: This score helps to identify wrong answers.  There is provision for notifying detailed justification for the answers.
  • Continuing a test from where you left off:
    • We assign you a unique test number. In case you have to discontinue a test for any reason (like problems with your ISP, computer crash, or if you just want to take a break), this test number allows you to take the test again, and that too, from where you left off.

      How to continue a test, and evaluate your answers for a test you had taken earlier

      1. Please click on "Login" on top menu bar to go to the login page.
        Enter your user ID and password.          
      2. Please click Simulated Practice Tests on the top menu bar. This will display the practice tests you have access to. Then :
        1. Please enter your unique test number and click Continue with Test.
        2. Please click View all Answers button.
        3. You can now continue the test from where you left off, or alternately analyze your answers to know how you fared in the test.
        4. Please note that your answers for any test are saved for a maximum period of 1 week.
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