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Sample Feedback from some HR Professionals who have enrolled with

  1. I went through the course and I found it terrific. It is really helpful and I think it should include more informative questions.
  2. I believe the free trial helped me realize what areas I was strong or weak. Thank you for providing the opportunity to give feedback!
  3. Thank you for the tests you provided me online. I'm not sure I would've passed without them. The explanations provided with the incorrect responses helped with my overall understanding of the testing format and the theory behind the right answers. Thank You!!!
    Ruth Janis
  4. It's very helpful... though I couldn't complete it... but I am planning to do it soon.
  5. The study was a great help I found it harder than anticipated but it has helped me to know the areas of weakness that I have. Good prices at $15.00 per test I already purchased and completed #2.
  6. I found the trial test as good as actual test. This is the most recommendable and useful site for all the students.
  7. The Study Guides have been a very helpful refresher for some HR areas I do not use frequently.
  8. The test was very helpful. It gave me the areas where I need to concentrate more and also the explanation for each question helped me understand the topic better.
    Anitha Iyer
  9. I love the simulated tests they are very helpful in my studies. Thanks.
    Curry Pamela
  10. I wrote that I found the questions in this test much more similar to the actual test itself, as the study guide promised. I also found that I need much more study in order to be ready for the SPHR by end of the year. I plan to continue studying and plan to take more of your sample tests, as my time permits.
    Darlene Bryant
  11. is one of the few sites that provide complete 4 hour practice tests; the questions were a good sample from the study material and the presence of related information and clarifications post completing the test was of great help!
  12. The practice test was helpful. I passed the SPHR.
    Georgette Freid
  13. I passed the SPHR exam on Monday and attribute a large part of my success to being able to take the free test. I would highly recommend it to anyone sitting for the exam. The test gave me a better understanding of the types of questions that would be asked on the actual exam.
    Ruth Nash
  14. Thank you for the opportunity to take the Free Trial
    Test 1. I think that I was better prepared to take the SPHR exam because the Free Trial simulated the exam much closer than other resources I used with similar offerings. I appreciated the rationale provided to explain correct answers for questions I had scored wrong. I also found that the sources referenced in the explanations to be especially helpful. I will purchase HRCI-SPHR prep materials in the very near future.
    Kevin East
  15. Great practice test to figure out weak areas that needed to be studied more and where I was already strong. Types of questions were similar to the real test in format more so than the SHRM.
  16. The free trial really helped me to start studying, and which part I should focus on. It has definitely helped me.
  17. I though the free test was very helpful. It allowed me to see the areas in which I needed to focus my study efforts....and I passed the exam!
    Jamie Hilt
  18. It's a great way to study for the actual test. I was able to understand what the test might be like. I took my time reviewing each question which is why I didn't complete it. Thank you for letting have a look!
    Carol Bise
  19. The test is very helpful -- I enjoyed what I was able to complete -- unfortunately, I got very busy at work and was unable to complete the test.
    Pamela Curry
  20. This is a great tool and was very helpful in assessing what areas I need to concentrate more on.
    Maria Muniz